Welcome to the Pier blog!

Thank you for looking around our website. Here on our blog you’ll find all the latest going ons at Pier Sportswear with regular updates on new lines, latest news and general sports talk! Yes we love our sports, is it that obvious?

We’re a very busy bunch here at Pier Sportswear constantly adding to our extensive range of bespoke garments that are all manufactured, designed and finished off under one roof in our dedicated factory based in the East Midlands UK.

We’re constantly striving to make sure we keep our position as one of the leading UK manufacturers of sportswear. In this day and age it’s very rare to see garments especially sportswear manufactured in the UK. In the British sportswear industry it’s common place to knock up a design and then send it to a far flung away country. The problem with this is there’s no control over quality. The garments fate is then left in the hands of somebody else. Manufacturing everything ourselves here in the UK means we have full control of every step from start to finish of each product that leaves our factory. Here at Pier Sportswear quality is our number one priority and we strive to assure that everything we manufacture is to the highest standard. We feel this is important as we can assure customers that when they receive their product they will be blown away by the high standard which comes with the Pier Sportswear label. That’s why our customers keep on coming back.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact us page.

Sports lovers set to score with Pier website upgrade

Sports teams and pro-athletes are set to score with our new look website. We’re very excited about making it even easier for sportspeople to get their hands on high quality bespoke sportswear which is not only designed, but manufactured in the UK! We like to work local when we can so we asked Answers to Business, a fellow Leicester-based company, to upgrade our site. But what exactly does our refreshed site hold in store for players of everything from Football to Dodgeball?

One exciting advance is that our new site gives our customers a personalised online Club Hub which takes all the pain out of choosing, ordering and re-ordering kit! So it’s now even easier for sportspeople of all levels to pick, order and re-order their dream sportswear. We see our website upgrade as an important way of showing that we aim to bring something very different to the bespoke sportswear market – stunning kit which is personalised to perfection. We’re proud of being a small company with big plans for helping sportspeople boost their performance!

Another big feature on our upgraded website is our new blog! Our goal is to help keep sports fans updated with tips and tricks on getting more out of their kit and their budget!

Love sport? Keep visiting our blog for hot tips on getting more out of your sportswear and your game!